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Allegedly Negligent Hotel Security Fails to Protect Traveling Floridians

Many people feel a sense of safety in their hotel room, especially when they are paying a great deal of money to relax at a resort in the Bahamas. Hotels are expected to take action to protect their guests when they become aware of potential criminal behavior. However, for two Florida residents, one hotels’ inaction — and potentially negligent security — led to serious injuries.

Violating the Safety of a Hotel Room

Two Floridians were relaxing in a hotel casino in the Bahamas when trouble started brewing. A 19-year-old man, also from Florida, became verbally abusive and attempted to start a fight with one of the Floridians. The Floridians cashed out and walked away, but the man followed and attacked the Floridians. A resort security guard stepped in and broke up the scuffle, but at that time the police were not called and, upon current information, the hotel took no further steps to protect the victimized Florida residents. In many cases, breaking up the fight would have been enough. In this case, the man somehow obtained the Floridians’ room number.

The Floridians had returned to their hotel room with other guests when the door was suddenly kicked open. The man, his father, and two of their accomplices burst into the room and targeted the Floridians, beating them severely and causing serious injuries. The police were finally called, but it was too late to prevent the damage. The four men spent just one night in jail before being released back into the resort. It is still unknown how the men obtained the Floridians’ room number, or why the hotel took no action after the initial scuffle.

Hotels Responsible for Attacks

When you have severe injuries caused by another, you should not have to also suffer the burden of paying your own medical bills. Of course, the Floridians can and may sue the attackers themselves for their actions which, if proven, would justify a settlement in the Floridians’ favor. However, if the attackers were financially insolvent, the Floridians may have been left uncompensated for their injuries and their pain and suffering. In some cases, there is no other avenue to seek just compensation.

In this case, however, the attackers are not the only potentially responsible party. When you are staying in a hotel or resort, the hotel has a legal duty to exercise reasonable care to protect you from foreseeable criminal conduct. The fact that the attackers chose to attack does not release hotels from their responsibilities. In Florida, many businesses are required to have security cameras, lighted parking lots, and employees trained in robbery deterrence. In some cases, hotels may be held liable for crimes just because of a high incident of crime in the area. In this case, the hotel knew that there was an attack, and yet released the attacker back into the resort with no further action taken.

Accordingly, the Floridians have filed a lawsuit against the Bahamas hotel in a Circuit Court in Miami. Although the events occurred in the Bahamas, the hotel is based in South Florida. If you have been injured as a result of negligent security, whether at a hotel, a convenience store, or any other similar business, consider reaching out to Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney Scott Newmark to learn more about your options for finding just compensation.

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