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Courts, Board of Medicine Defend Medical Malpractice Victims

If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, you are not alone. Investigating a doctor whose faulty treatment injured you might lead you to discover others in the same position. When you take action, state agencies and courts are there to adjudicate your claims and, in some cases, prevent that doctor from practicing medicine on others.

Over-Prescriptions Lead to Deaths, Investigation of Prescribing Doctor

After her 26-year-old son overdosed on painkillers in 2006, one grieving mother investigated the doctor who prescribed him the medication and found a long history of patient overdoses like her son’s. In the year before her son’s death, the Pinellas Park doctor had prescribed over three thousand oxycodone pills. Significantly, he was not alone: at least 16 people who received prescriptions from the doctor had died of overdoses. The Board of Medicine had already started proceedings in three of the cases, accusing the doctor of prescribing excessive and unwarranted quantities of the addictive drug, while simultaneously failing to properly examine or counsel his clients.

While he still possesses his medical license pending the investigation, his license has been suspended by a federal court for his involvement in a $6 million drug conspiracy case. The Department of Health is still considering settlements in two of the cases, which would involve his enrollment in a drug prescribing course at a local university. However, to prevail in a court case on the matter, following a 2014 Supreme Court ruling in a heroin case, the victims and the state would have to prove that the deaths would not have occurred without the doctor’s prescription.

Court Ensures Stem Cell Doctor Not Reinstated Following Patient Death

In Bonita Springs, a 69-year-old woman went to her cardiologist to treat her hypertension and pulmonary fibrosis, diseases that restricted blood flow to her heart. The cardiologist’s profile claimed that he had “extensive” experience in the field of stem cell therapy. The cardiologist stated that he could help heal diseases and lung problems by shipping patients’ stem cells to Israel for processing, where the stem cells would produce “regenocytes.” Despite these promises, the woman died of a stroke during the stem cell therapy treatment.

The cardiologist had violated Florida’s emergency order against stem cell treatments by performing the illegal procedure. Further, the President of the International Society of Stem Cell Research confirmed that there is no such cell as a “regenocyte.” In defense, the cardiologist claimed that the name was “advertising,” and that he did not mean to lead patients into believing it was scientific. By a unanimous decision, the Florida Board of Medicine revoked the cardiologist’s medical license in 2013. However, the battle against dangerous doctors is not over even when their license is revoked: the doctor can appeal the decision to the court system. Fortunately, a Tallahassee court recently reaffirmed the decision.

In both cases, the medical malpractice suit that successfully targeted the doctor was far from the first. If you are a victim of medical malpractice, you might find that you are not alone in questioning a particular doctor’s competence. Speak to Fort Lauderdale medical malpractice attorney Scott Newmark to learn more about what you can do to seek compensation for your medical malpractice injury.

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